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About Us

From our humble beginnings in 2011, we stride along the evolution of industrial requirements throughout Malaysia. As SINOPEC distributor TOTAL PRECISE ENGINEERING SDN BHD grew to become of the most preferred partners in automotive and  industrial lubricant manufacturer Singapore.

On-going developments since then provided our professionals with the know how into providing high quality lubricants and services for a wide range of industry from logistics, Machine makers, Power Plant, Constructions, Oil & Gas, Precision manufacturers, Marine, Automotive, Foodgradeetc .

Driven by our philosophy of improved productivity, reducing costs, impact to safety and environment, we, at TOTAL PRECISE ENGINEERING is your choice of experienced professionals when it comes to  all lubricant solutions.

Who Is Sinopec?

Sinopec Lubricant (Singapore) Pte Ltd was established on May 12, 2010. It is the first overseas lubricant production plant in China also the first overseas production and sales base in China’s lubricant industry. The registered capital is 25.575 million US dollars.

In May 2013, as a lubricant manufacturer Singapore, Sinopec with Shell and Total invested to form a joint venture to build a terminal with an annual handling capacity of approximately 1.8 million tons and a base oil and lubricant tank area with a total tank capacity of approximately 200,000 cubic meters. It was officially operational in January 2016.

The company specialized in production, sales and related technical services of lubricant. The business scope mainly includes international distribution market development, marine oil market development and base oil/additive trade. The products are sold to 53 countries and regions such as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam and Hong Kong. The marine lubricant supply network covers 14 ports including the United States, Japan, South Africa, Greece and the Middle East.

Our Products

Automotive Lubricants

JUSTAR Engine Oil

JUSTAR engine oil is a brand of automotive lubricant that is designed specifically for use in car engines. It is known for its high-quality performance and its ability to provide superior protection against wear and tear.
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DOT 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid

Formulated using a blend of synthetic glycol ether and borate ester with selected additives. It meets the requirements of the DOT 4 specification
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Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF

Formulated for use in a wide variety of vehicles. SINOPEC produces various types of full synthetic ATF: HDS, 4M-LV, CVT X+ and DCTF X + to meets the needs of wide range of transmission designs and power steering applications.
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FD-2A Ethylene Glycol Base Heavy-duty Engine Coolant

Formulated using ethylene glycol and corrosion inhibitors by the international advanced silicate technology. This product is suitable for use as a coolant and antifreeze in the radiator systems of all types of internal combustion engines
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Diesel Engine Oil

TULUX T700 CK-4 15W-40, CK-4

Suitable for use in high speed, four-stroke heavy duty low-emission diesel engines fitted with exhaust after-treatment systems designed to meet Euro V and Euro VI exhaust emissions standards.
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TULUX T300 15W40/ 20W50, CF-4

Designed for use in modern, high-performance, heavy duty, diesel-powered vehicles. It provides excellent oxidation resistance, deposit and wear protection.
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TULUX T600 15W-40, CJ-4

Suitable for use in heavy duty diesel engines, including modern low-emission diesel engines and those using exhaust after-treatment systems.
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Designed to meet the needs of off-highway, indirect- injected diesel engines and other diesel engines that use a broad range of fuel types.
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TULUX T500 15W40, CI-4

Suitable for pre EPA 2007 diesel engines, where excellent soot control is required. Also suitable for use in engines with or without EGR systems.
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Golden Grease

It can provide excellent anti-wear protection, superior lubricity, as well as outstanding mechanical stability, water resistance, adhesion, sealing and rust resistance.
Data Sheet

HP-R Grease

It is an extreme pressure, heavy-duty wheel bearing and chassis grease.
Data Sheet

Lithium Base with Molybdenum Disulfide Grease

It is an extreme pressure/antiwear grease, formulated with a lithium soap thickener and highquality mineral base oil.
Data Sheet

Extreme Pressure (EP) Lithium Complex Grease

It is an extreme pressure grease, formulated with a lithium complex soap thickener and high-quality mineral base oil.
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Extreme Pressure (EP) Lithium Grease

It is ideal for general lubrication when a extreme pressure or anti-wear grease is needed for extra protection.
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Industrial Lubricants

Hydraulic Oil Anti-Wear L-HM Seris

L-HM anti-wear hydraulic oil is blended with highly refined base oil and multi-functional additive by internationally advanced process.
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APS Industrial Gear Oil

APS Industrial Gear Oil is total synthesis (PAO) advanced heavy duty industrial gear oil. Provide excellent lubrication protection for gear in the harsh conditions.
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L-QB300 Heat Transfer Oil

L-QB300 heat-transfer oil is manufactured from the highly refined narrow fraction mineral base oil and detergency, disperency, hightemp oxidation resistant additive, suitable for closed heat transmission system.
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No.8 Transmission Fluid

No.8 Transmission Fluid is blended with good quality base stock and multi-functional additives. It is universally suitable for construction machinery and industrial machinery, and which equipped with hydrodynamic power-shift transmission systems.
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Hydraulic Oil Hi VI Anti-Wear L-HV Seris

L-HV low temperature hydraulic oil is blended with highly refined base oil and high viscosity index.
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L-DAB Air Compressor Oil

L-DAB air compressor oil is blended with highly refined mineral base oil and well-chosen additive.
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L-HG Slide-way Oil

L-HG Slide-way oil is manufactured from mineral base oil and well-selected additives, suitable for grinding, tuning, planning, boring and drilling machines.
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L-CKD Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Oil

L-CKD heavy duty industrial gear oil is blended with high quality base oil of high viscosity index and multi-functional additive.
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L-DAH Air Compressor Oil

L-DAH air compressor oil is blended with hydrogenated base oil and multi-functional additives. It is suitable for lubrication of various kinds of moderate duty oil injection rotary air compressor.
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TO-4 Heavy Duty Transmission Fluid

TO-4 Heavy Duty Transmission Fluid is a range of products formulated with high-quality mineral oils and an advanced additive system.
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